Valley Panther ZD 11X LED

Valley Panther ZD 11X LED

Just like it’s cousin, The Panther ZD-X™, the new Panther ZD-X LED table now offers LED backlit cushion rails, pockets, and sleek under lighting which will jazz up any location.  This table will be available in 7ft. and 8ft. models and comes in our standard black laminate finish with black cloth and blue LED lighting.  You can customize your table in whatever color cloth and lights that we have available.  The Panther ZD-X LED will require direct power and comes with a DBA, Push Chute and LCD display for programming.  Our software incorporates League Dues management software, expanded accounting options,  and Happy Hour and, time play bonus pricing options. Our 5-bolt competitive style cushions come with Valley Ultra cloth designed for ultimate playability. This table comes standard with 4 cues, triangle, chalk and a set of balls. The ZD 11X LED also comes in a Home Model version which includes a Start Button and eliminates the DBA and coin mechanisms.

Main Features
Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 6.24.35 AM

Large pockets ideal for faster play and better ROI

Screen Shot 2019-12-13 at 5.33.44 AM

Fully self-contained DBA $1-$20 bill acceptor for increased profits, card reader ready available

Screen Shot 2019-12-11 at 11.29.20 AM

Fully customizable LED Cushion rail and pocket under lighting

Screen Shot 2019-02-01 at 6.26.34 AM

Programmable Software for automatic price changes during peak verse off-peak times

Product Specs

Model Number

(Shown in 7ft)
(Available in 7ft and 8ft models)


Coin Operated

Table DIMS

L: 93” / 236 cm
W: 53” / 134 cm
H: 32” / 81 cm
Weight: 710 lbs. / 322 kg

Shipping DIMS

L: 96” / 244 cm
W: 30” / 76 cm
H: 68” / 172 cm
Weight: 760 lbs. / 345 kg


  • League function now allows the table to collect League dues – no lost envelopes
  • LED lit cushion rails, pockets and under lighting
  • Built in Rail mount LCD screen
  • Customizable Software allows for more pricing options than ever
  • Accounting and Auditing functions help Operators find what options were most popular in the location.
  • Fully self-contained DBA $1-$20 bill acceptor for increased profits
  • Card Reader Ready
  • Third Party Credit Card accessible
  • Pay Range compatibility through APP for seamless payments
  • Export capability from the factory. The Panther ZD-X LED can travel worldwide without board or software changes