Our History

Founded back in 1945, Valley® has spent more than 70 years as the industry leader in the coin-operated pool table market. Valley, also created, the non-profit and highly competitive, international amateur Pool Association called  Valley National 8-Ball League Association also known as the VNEA. Players from all over the world qualify through their local Amusement Companies to compete in the annual week-long VNEA World Pool Championships held each year in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Founded back in 1970, Tornado has been the leading manufacturer of high quality, tournament style foosball tables in the world. Over the past 48 years, Tornado has manufactured several different models, which have included patented designs that are still used today. As an official table of the ITSF (International Table Soccer Federation), Tornado is considered the top playing table in the world according to the majority of International foosball players.


Founded back in 1973 in Dallas, Texas by William Rickett,  Dynamo entered the amusement game manufacturing industry by introducing foosball tables.  After a short period of time and a great deal of success, Dynamo began building coin-operated pool tables and eventually coin operated Air Hockey tables.  Today, the Dynamo Air Hockey brand is considered the best built most respected table in the world. The Dynamo Prostyle Air Hockey table is the official sanctioned table of the United States Air Table Hockey Association (USAA) who holds local, state, and regional tournaments as well as the annual National Championships.


Founded back in 1980 by Craig Connelly, Connelly Billiards has been manufacturing high end quality custom pool tables for homes and businesses for over 38 years.  These tables are sold world-wide and are available to be fully customized, including your choice of wood species, pockets, legs, sites, cloth and stain color to match most environments.


Founded back in 1988, Champion Shuffleboard has been focused on the craft of building quality shuffleboard tables for both the home and commercial markets for over 30 years.   Today, Champion is the largest manufacturer of shuffleboard tables world-wide. From our patented “Handicap Scoring” system to our lifetime guarantee on our playfields, Champion Shuffleboard continues to expand the game around the globe. Our customers can choose from lengths of 9ft – 22ft as well as a range of special stains and custom logos to meet their needs.


Acquisition – Valley Recreational Products acquired Tornado in 1996.


Merger – In 1998 Valley Recreation Products and Dynamo Corporation merged creating Valley-Dynamo.


Acquisition – Champion Shuffleboard acquired Sun Glo Corporation in 2001 making them the largest Shuffleboard and accessories manufacturer in the world.


Acquisition – Brunswick bought Valley-Dynamo L.P. in 2003 and from 2007-2009 relocated manufacturing to Mexico.


Acquisition – Champion Shuffleboard bought Valley-Dynamo from Brunswick in 2009 and immediately moved all manufacturing back to Richland Hills, TX USA.


Acquisition – Champion Shuffleboard bought Connelly Billiards in 2011 and moved all production from Arizona to Texas, USA.


In 2012, all the brands came together under one roof in Richland Hills, TX to create the largest Billiard, Air Hockey, Foosball,  Shuffleboard and accessories manufacturer in the world, Valley-Dynamo L.P.