With a history dating back to 1945, Valley® has spent more than 50 years as industry leader in the coin-operated pool table market. Valley's quality, reliability and durability give the route operator the desired revenue and return on investment, while Valley's playability makes our table "The Players Choice".

Valley has led the industry with a legacy of innovation. Dating back to our pioneering magnetic cue ball separation, which we had patented in 1966; the single-piece ball return ramp, coin boxes that prevent catastrophic table damage during the inevitable break-ins, dual density cushion rail rubber for the perfect mix of responsiveness and durability, and more recently the groundbreaking Great 8®: at long last a practical, reliable, programmable bill-acceptor pool table. Innovations continue with more features, easier charging, longer battery life, one-touch battery test, and whatever we may think of next.

Valley’s tournament tested toughness extends throughout our pool table line. If your particular location or facility does not require coin operation, but does require a pool table you are confident will withstand years of service and while requiring the most basic of maintenance, look no further than the Valley product line.

Valley is a proud sponsor of the Valley National Eight Ball Association (VNEA), which is recognized around the world as "The Pool League" of choice.